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제목 What is a toric contact lenses?
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Astigmatism is a very common vision problem.
In fact, most people have some astigmatism.
However, astigmatism is so mild they do not realize they have it until an eye exam.

You may experience one or more of these common signs and symptoms.

Objects at all distances are indistinct or blurred and the eye cannot focus.
Even slight degrees may encourage headaches, fatigue and reduce concentration.

Then, what is a toric contact lenses?

There are certain types of special lenses available called "Toric Contact Lenses".
And they are designed for people who have a condition called an astigmatism.

Our toric contact lenses for astigmatism are manufactured by Neo Vision.
As a result of our use, the toric lenses by Neo Vision provide clear vision, excellent comfort, and easy handling.
Especially, your eyes won't be exhausted even when you wear these long.
These are good choice for first time contact lens wearers who have astigmatism.

Not everyone wears the same type of contact lens.
Toric contact lenses are strictly order made to your prescription, and takes at least 10 business days to manufacturer.
When you order toric lenses, please make sure you have read this notification.

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