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제목 2nd Summer Sale :: 15% off for Toric Colored Contacts
작성자 Long Long Tail (ip:)
  • 작성일 2018-07-16 00:08:14
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  • 조회수 545
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Hello and welcome to Long Long Tail,

It's summer sale season and LLT is joining the action.

You won't miss the chance to buy the safest toric colored contacts for astigmatism at the cheapest price, produced by Neo Vision.

It lasts only a week from 16th to 22nd July, 2018.

For your information,

all of our staff members here in LLT has 10 years of hands-on experience of color contact lens business and we can guarantee that Neo Vision is chosen as our partner, because they've been successfully producing toric color contact lenses with the highest quality and technology at the head.

◎ Now click get them: 15% discount for Toric Colored Contacts

Hope you enjoy the deal!

Best wishes,
Hana, on behalf of everyone in LLT

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