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제목 Quiz Event :: Guess the lens!
작성자 Long Long Tail (ip:)
  • 작성일 2017-08-13 21:31:12
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  • 조회수 659
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Hello, LLT lovers! C:

For your fun and pleasure, we've prepared a quiz event!

Trust us! It's the easiest and simplest quiz to win!

The event will continue from 14th of Aug. to 8th of Sep.

During the time, we'll be back with a new quiz every Monday(GMT+9: Korean Time) and announce the winners every Sat.

First, follow our rules,

1. Find the name of the lens in the banner. (Browse the store or Refer to Social Media)

2. Comment on LLT Facebook page.

And then, who's going to win?

It will become winners who get likes most! That's it!

The winner will get a free pair of any colored contacts including astigmatism and farsightedness.

Want some tips? If you share the post, you will be closer to the winner!

If any questions or concerns, please send direct messages!


Hope all of you would enjoy!

Thank you and can't wait!

◎ Now click here to participate: Quiz Event C;

Best wishes,

Hana, on behalf of everyone here in LLT

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