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제목 1st Summer Sale :: 20% off for Toric Colored Contacts
작성자 Long Long Tail (ip:)
  • 작성일 2017-06-18 22:29:32
  • 추천 추천하기
  • 조회수 643
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Hello and welcome to Long Long Tail.

Here is the best deals!
20% discount for Neo Vision Toric Colored Contacts for Astigmatism!
No minimum purchase required.

*Neo Vision, established in 1993, invented "Sandwich Engineering Method" to infiltrate the cosmetic color between inside and outside layer of the lenses.
*Sandwich Engineering makes comfortable feeling and prevents decolonization of the lens.
Neo Vision obtained the patent with the technology in 2006.

◎ Now click get them: 20% discount for Toric Colored Contacts

Hope you enjoy our summer event!

Best wishes,
Hana, on behalf of everyone in LLT
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