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제목 Happy Easter Sale & Egg Hunt
작성자 Long Long Tail (ip:)
  • 작성일 2017-04-13 22:49:33
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Hello and welcome to Long Long Tail.

Spring is here now and In celebration of LLT's first Easter, we're holding special promotions for all of you! Yay!  

1. Happy Easter Sale, 30% OFF

Dali Extra series, hot-selling items, must go sale from 14th ~ 15th, April. It also includes not only regular contacts but also, toric color lenses for astigmatism and farsightedness (hyperopia) ! We promise that it's such a good chance to pick many color contact lenses for your Bright Spring Look. Click see lenses on sale. C:

2. Egg Hunt on 16th, April

LLT is hosting an egg hunt! We place cute little rabbits and eggs throughout our store, each containing special prize for a free pair of Dali Extra color contact lenses. Winners are only supposed to be 7 people on a first come, first served. Plus, extra 7 points ( equal to $7.00, a free shipping) will be given to those who send us real life pics wearing our prizes. Please keep an eye out of them and get Easter giveaway!

* Please be advised about how to take part in:

Browse and find hidden rabbits and eggs on product pages. Please note that you should find three of them at least. For example, if we hide them on Dali Extra blue, black, brown, gray and violet lenses pages, you have to find them from three different pages such as blue, black and violet.

Take a screenshot.

Email us at with screenshots or links of the pages where you find eggs and rabbits.

For any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to leave comments below.

Happy Easter to everyone and wish you luck!!

Hope you have fun with LLT!

Best wishes,

Hana, on behalf of everyone in LLT

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